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topinvited The purpose of this page is to provide the best relation between our customers, our agents, and us. We want to create a long life commercial relationship and to meet all our customer's expectations. We are not a product or specific industry seller, but our goal is to offer our customers a personalize service and a guarantee of RESPECT AND TRUST, until we become the company you always want to call when you need the best price for any particular product. You always will find the necessary support to convert your export needs into realities. We have an excellent reputation among our clients for competitive pricing and fast delivery. All our orders are thoroughly checked before we send them to destination.

abouttopinvitedWe are a dynamic export and import company focusing in the purchasing and logistics worldwide, headquartered in Miami, FL. We have forty years of experience in this business and that put us in a position where we can buy direct from the manufacturer, which give us the opportunity to pass the savings to our clients. Our target is maximize our customer's company productivity offering a personalize service and a communication and distribution network. We have a staff of professionals, in USA and overseas, always ready to support your request in a timely matter. Our offices and a 50,000 square feet warehouse facility, with bonded and hazardous material special area, give us the capability to handle your order in a reliable and accurate way. We focus our service in personal touch and we treat our customers like it is the only we have, working with them one-on-one until order is shipped.

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Overseas Agents


    Calle 90 No. 18-27, Oficina No. 307

    Bogotá, Colombia

    Phone: 011-57-310-807-9479

    Magic Jack: 011-954-693-5268


    Rio Segundo, Alajuela,

    San José, Costa Rica

    Phone: 011-506-6127-9594