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About Us


Premier Realty Team was started to benefit the Real Estate Agent with fair commission plans. We aim to strike a a balance between the Agent and his or her Broker. By creating this balance, we are evolving the internal structure of the real estate market and, in essence, hope to revolutionize the market as a whole.

As an agent, if you don’t already know…you soon will, this business is a hustle. You spend hours driving and showing properties. You act as the intermediary between buyers, sellers, banks, mortgage brokers, and title companies. You exert a lot of energy to insure that the transaction runs as smoothly as possble, and when all is said and done and the papers are signed, you turn around and give up a large chunk of your commission to your realty office. And for what? All they did is reap the benefits of your hard work. At Premier Realty Team, we think it should be done differently, fairly.

I have been a realtor in Florida for over two decades. I love the business, but the one thing that never made sense was the commission splits. Why should I do all the work as an agent and then give away 10, 20 even 50% of MY COMMISSION to my realy office? They are making money off of my hard work and the scales seemed imbalanced. After much analysis and team feedback; I, along with my fellow realtors, have come up with a new way to do business: THE PREMIER WAY!

The Premeir Way = 100% Commissions

Contact Info:

Premier Realty Team, Inc
Broker, David Aronow
3475 Sheridan Street, Ste. 210
Hollywood, FL 33021

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