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Human Growth Hormone – HGH

HGH stands for human growth hormone. Produced by the pituitary gland at the base of the brain, growth hormones stimulate the growth of muscle, cartilage and bone. The levels of growth hormone in the blood fluctuate throughout the day and can be adjusted due to exercise, sleep, stress and diet.

As we grow older, our bodies produce lower levels of human growth hormone and testosterone, which leads to increased body fat, wrinkles and other signs of old age. As we enter our 30’s we experience a more increased reduction of these important hormones. As our bodies continue to deteriorate, we may also experience psychological issues, such as anxiety, depression and loss of drive.

When properly administered, replacement of HGH, Testosterone, Estrogen, DHEA and other essential hormones, have been clinically proven to:

  • Reduce excess body fat
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Increase bone density
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve kidney function
  • Improve memory
  • Drastically increase energy levels
  • Increase sexual drive
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve skin elasticity

Hormone replacement therapy isn’t just for the elderly. HGH has also been prescribed to adolescents suffering from pediatric growth hormone deficiency as well as individuals of all ages wanting to look and feel younger. Only a comprehensive medical evaluation can determine whether or not you could benefit from this type of treatment.

Clinical Trials

The first major study showing the promise of HGH therapy was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1990 . During a 6 month period 12 test subjects received HGH injections and control subjects did not. The test subjects were all healthy men. The results were amazing: Increases in lean muscle mass, decreases in adipose fat tissue, and increases in vertebral bone height. This HGH Landmark Study, orchestrated by the renowned Daniel Rudman MD, is one of the best examples of medical literature that discusses the effects of HGH therapy.

A 1991 study by the Department of Physiology and Medicine, University of New Mexico USA, concludes that Growth Hormone injections using FDA approved rDNA Human Growth Hormone reduces body fat in obese women even in the apparent absence of significant calorie restriction. This study shows that even without dieting Growth Hormone aids in fat loss.

A 2003 study by the National Institute of Health, Maryland USA, shows that in healthy aging adults, Human Growth Hormone and sex hormone supplementation with testosterone therapy creates a positive response on decreasing body fat and improving sexual function. Particularly the abdominalvisceral fat we all want to loose.

Sermorelin Peptide

Sermorelin Peptide is an alternative to HGH. Sermorelin is a synthetic analog of the growth hormone releasing hormone which is composed of 29 amino acid sequence representing the 1-29 fragment of the endogenous GHRH. This peptide has been shown to increase lean muscle mass, increase strength, reduce body fat, increase bone density, and enhance the immune system, rejuvenation of strengthening of joints, connective tissue and body mass, strengthen the heart, as well as, other organs of the body.

Sermorelin, sometimes called GRF 1-29, is a growth hormone releasing hormone analogue. It is a 29- amino acid polypeptide representing the 1-29 fragments from endogenous human growth hormonereleasing hormone, and is thought to be the shortest fully functional fragment of GHRH. It is used for growth hormone secretion. Used extensively in Anti-aging Therapy often in conjunction with Testosterone in men.

Sermorelin has a low risk of side effects because your own body naturally produces secretions of HGH and prevents overdosing which can cause many negative side effects. Sermorelin not only provides the benefits of HGH on body composition, but it also helps sustain pituitary health and opposes loss of activity in the endocrine system that normally occurs during aging.

Available dosages: Sermorelin 3 mg, 6 mg, 9 mg, 15 mg, and Sermorelin & GHRP 6

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Bio-Fit Growth Factor

Growth Factor is made out of Deer Velvet Antler and has been used over thousands of years in ancient Eastern medicine.

  • Cell regeneration
  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass & Strength
  • Decrease Body Fat
  • Promotes faster recovery from exertion or injury
  • Promotes Mental Alertness
  • Supports Immune System

We offer: Bio-Fit GF 2000mg, 1000mg, Night Formula, and Bio-Fit GF Dermal

Growth Factor 2000mg:

Growth Factor 2000mg formula is designed for Mass & Strength. This will add massive amounts of strength, size, energy, and endurance. It is the strongest and most powerful legal nutraceutical available in the market and is an excellent alternative to steroids that can cause many harmful side effects and complications in the body later on. GF-1/ 2000mg can be taken along with Testosterone Therapy to achieve optimal results. It is taken sublingually and goes directly into your system. You don’t have to inject yourself daily or weekly like in most other programs. This formula is for active people that workout. Swimmers, Golfers, body builders, and many more athletes love this product.

Growth Factor 1000mg:

Growth Factor 1000mg formula is designed to tone your body. It eliminates body fat very rapidly and helps you gain lean muscle. It gives you a lot of energy and helps you be more explosive in your workouts and movements. It increases your blood flow and allows your muscles to contract at a much higher rate. It is recommended that you do higher repetitions and more cardio while in this program to achieve the best results. You can drop 10% Body fat in a very short period of time while exercising, eating healthy, and following this protocol. This is for the active person that is in the gym, and athletes that want to take their body and fitness to a whole other level. It is 100% natural being made of Deer Velvet
Antler Extraction, Vitamin B Complex, and Amino Acids. No Injections and can be purchased without a prescription.

Growth Factor Night Formula:

Growth Factor Night Formula is taken along with the 2000mg or the 1000mg. It is specifically designed and is formulated to be taken at night time. It enhances deep sleep patterns and assists the body in releasing its natural hormone compounds such like HGH. It also helps repair and heal muscle fibers and promotes maximum muscle growth. This formula is also 100% natural and is sub-lingual. You will fall asleep faster and deeper than ever before but still wake up feeling energized and refreshed.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone begins to decline in men at about age 30 – 40. Low testosterone has a number of negative effects on mental, sexual and physical health. The most common type of treatment for testosterone deficiency is known as TRT – Testosterone Replacement Therapy and it is prescribed to treat symptoms and problems associated with Hypogonadism – the medical term for low levels of natural testosterone. Also known as Andropause, this hormonal condition in men results in the steady reduction of the hormone testosterone or ’Low T’ –> less than normal levels of natural testosterone in a man’s body.

Symptoms of Hypogonadism (Low Testosterone):

  • Decreased mental sharpness
  • Decreased energy and strength
  • Decreased muscle and increased fat
  • Decreased sex drive (loss of libido)
  • Decreased sensitivity to stimulation
  • Decreased strength of orgasm
  • Decreased erectile function (ED / Erectile Dysfunction)
  • Depression and/or loss of eagerness and enthusiasm
  • Irritability (20-35% of men – heard of “grumpy old men”)
  • Osteoporosis (loss of bone density and bone mass)
  • Insomnia, night sweats, hot flashes and profuse sweating
  • Increased risk of cancer or Alzheimer’s (low testosterone levels increase risk)

Men who receive Testosterone Therapy consequently often report that they feel sexier, stronger and healthier, as they did in their prime. The focus of Testosterone Therapy is to restore hormones to youthful levels so you can feel as you did when you were at the peak of your physical, sexual and mental ability.

Testosterone therapy can stop and reverse the physical decline that robs men of their energy, strength, libido and potency. Testosterone can restore muscle tone and improve stamina. Testosterone replacement can restore healthy sexual desire and performance, and even reverse erectile dysfunction, which in turn results in an improvement in mood and overall well being.

Beneficial Effects of Testosterone Therapy

  • SEXUAL POWER Increased sexual potency and frequency.
  • CHOLESTEROL Lowers cholesterol levels.
  • ENERGY Increased energy, stamina and endurance.
  • MEMORY Improved mental functioning and ability.
  • MOOD Improves mood and feeling of well-being.
  • HEART Protects against heart disease.
  • CONCENTRATION Improved concentration and focus.
  • MUSCLE Increased muscle strength and mass.

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